Medical Korea Reservation is an online-based platform for reservation and payment with various medical programs such as health checkup, Korean Oriental Medicine, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic care that provide concierge services such as hotel accommodations, flight tickets, interpreters, etc.


Medical Korea Reservation has operated three web-sites in English, Chinese and Russian as a health screening platform since March 2016. From March 2017, Medical Korea Reservation has expanded its offering services such as cosmetic surgery, aesthetic care and Korean Oriental Medicine in addition to health checkup services. The Japanese site was developed in addition to those three sites. Also, it is now possible to offer concierge services with the participation of medical tourism agencies. On March 2018, the membership function will be added to make reservation and payment function possible for each member, in order to enhance the user's convenience.


The structure and role of this platform is shown on the following chart

Section Roles and Functions
Manager KHIDI
  • Platform management; functions and programs
  • Public Relations
Medical Institutions
  • Access to a registered medical institution administrator through the application page
  • Management of relevant medical institutions, programs and reservations
Member Individual
  • Membership provides reservations and payments for needed medical institutions and agencies
Medical Institution
  • Providing medical institutions and program information
  • Directly register and modify medical institution information and programs
Medical Tourism Agencies
  • Reservation of medical services on behalf of foreign patients
  • Concierge service is provided
  • Reservations on medical care products for members of a corporate or a representative organization

As a medical institution and medical tourism agency registered as an institution to attract international patients by The Ministry of Health and Welfare in accordance with the “Registration System for medical tourism agencies” under the Medical Law in 2009.

- The medical institutions must have a foreign language coordinator or must be capable of responding to international patients, and must be covered by Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance.

- The agencies have no specific bound to attract foreign patients, but in order to offer concierge services to foreigners, their cumulative number of international patients must be at least 50.


Advance deposit may be required depending on the medical program at each medical institution’s request. The settlement is a medical service transaction between the ‘medical institution’ and ‘member’. The deposit required for each program is different, and refunds and cancellations are subject to applicable regulations in the relevant medical institution.

Before payment, you must receive a full explanation of the medical program, including instructions, restrictions, fees, refunds and cancellations, from the medical institution. When you thoroughly understand and agree to the instructions, the following payment procedure will be applied.

* Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay, JCB) issued overseas is needed for the payment.


Our platform provides one-stop reservation service. You can search and compare the medical programs of about 125 medical institutions registered to the Ministry of Health and Welfare and concierge services such as visa assistance, flights, hotels, and tour booking, etc.

Foreign patients can directly select medical institutions based on the information provided on the platform, thereby preventing illegal brokers from charging unreasonably excessive fees.

In addition, our platform contributes to the international patients’ right of knowing and medical options by providing each program’s expenses.